Who we are

Caledonia Investments is a FTSE 250 self-managed investment trust company.

With net assets of circa £3bn Caledonia has a long track record of delivering consistently strong returns and progressive annual dividend payments. We seek to generate long-term compounding real returns for shareholders, targeting total returns that outperform inflation by at least 3%-6%, and outperform the FTSE All-Share index over 10 years.

We invest via three pools:
Public Companies
Private Capital

Each has a strategic allocation of capital, investment strategy and target return. The result is a well-balanced portfolio of investments with a global reach.

Time well invested
Our history, structure and culture underpin our long-term approach to investment.

We use time to nurture our people, develop partnerships and position us to make carefully considered long-term investments.

Our ‘time well invested’ video illustrates who we are as a business and our approach to investing – please visit ‘culture & values’ for further information.

Meet the team

Our track record is down to the extraordinarily talented team of people who choose to work here.

Meet the board

Our board brings together a diverse array of skills and experience to give us a uniquely balanced investment perspective.

Values & culture

Our values have always been a distinguishing factor of our business.

Governance & CSR

Caledonia recognises the value of good corporate governance to deliver long-term sustainable success.

Responsible investing

We consider a broad range of environmental, social and governance factors when deciding where to invest.

Investment model

Designed to deliver strong returns over the medium to long term.