Our story

The Caledonia story is inextricably linked to the history and values of the family that started the business in the late 1800s, some of whom are still closely involved in running the company today.

Originally a shipping business, Caledonia was developed by the Cayzer family over many years to become the world’s largest cargo carrying line. Towards the end of the boom in shipping, Caledonia was converted into a broader investment holding company in the 1980s, and then to an investment trust in 2003.

Caledonia is a UK listed business and part-owned by the Cayzer family. Today, the Cayzer family owns 48% of Caledonia. Their enduring backing, unusual for a listed company, gives us a time advantage that underpins our ability to deliver a successful long-term investment approach: unlike most others, we are free to think in decades, not quarters. We buy and sell only when the time is right for our shareholders.

The family experience, the family network and the family long-term approach to investing is a key part of the fundamental ethos of how Caledonia is run today. The values of the business derive from the values of the family. This heritage and the continuity of management and philosophy provides the stability and the bedrock from which we can continue to build wealth for future generations.

We are committed to building our business for the long-term – and therefore to maintain effective relationships with the people, companies and funds in which we invest. This is a theme that runs across our interests in quoted stocks, funds and private markets.

Our strategy of investing capital carefully for the long term is how we build wealth for generations.