Values & culture

A healthy and vibrant culture, built around a set of aligned values is fundamental to the success of any business.

Over the course of 2023 with invaluable feedback from a number of key stakeholders, we created our manifesto, written by a broad cross section of employees and rooted in the concept of ‘time well invested’.

Our history, structure and culture underpin our long-term approach to investment and is reflected in our manifesto, which will guide us as we look ahead, underpinning our focus on generating long-term compounding real returns that outperform inflation by 3%-6% over the medium to long-term, and the FTSE All-Share over 10 years.

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We believe in the power of time.
While others fight against it,
Trying to conquer every passing minute,
We work with it.
We invest it patiently and judiciously,
Harnessing its power year after year.
Never afraid to wait, but always ready to act.
Time is key to our knowledge,
the trust we’re given,
And the relationships we build
It is the source of our enduring partnerships,
Carefully tended over decades.
Never fleeting, always meaningful
We dedicate time to our people:
Giving it generously to nurture their growth,
Both personal and professional.
We invest time now to plan for success in the future,
To sow seeds that will flourish for generations to come.
Time cannot be tamed or altered,

But its power can be harnessed,
Invested in the things that matter most,
To create something that lasts.



We are defined by a collection of values that set us apart and shape our approach to every aspect of investing:



Through our extensive network of contacts, we identify and select companies and funds with strong fundamentals and great potential. We carefully judge the risk before committing any capital.


Our investment style is involved - we build rewarding relationships and a deep understanding of our investments. We are committed to maintaining effective and constructive relationships with the people, companies and funds in which we invest.

Responsible and aligned

As a self-managed vehicle, we invest from the balance sheet with a disciplined investment process that aligns with our risk appetite, with ESG factors embedded.


As a well-established investment business, we are committed to building on a reputation that is characterised by integrity, rigour and performance.


Our independence enables us to take the long-term view. We buy to hold, investing in high quality companies with strong market positions and fundamentals, alongside investments in private equity funds with track records of success