Our values

Caledonia is a self-managed investment trust company listed on the London Stock Exchange: pioneered by family and managed by a talented professional team in pursuit of outstanding performance.

We are unique, not for what we do but for how we do it. Caledonia is renowned for having excellent intrinsic values associated with family corporations while achieving first class results through having a highly professional and talented team.

Insightful: we identify opportunities through our extensive network of contacts, looking for ambitious management teams likely to succeed. We only invest in what we understand and thoroughly consider any potential risks first, from reputation to management succession issues.

Supportive: we aim to build value and will take time to get to know potential investees because we’re likely to work with them for the long term. We prefer to be personally involved and hands-on, providing the highest quality advice.

Responsible: we invest circa £2 billion from our own balance sheet in a wide variety of assets. Using our own funding means we can be flexible in our investment structuring and how we make our returns. We look after our shareholders because we’re shareholders too.

Professional: as a family-pioneered company, we are established and connected. Our reputation is built on integrity, confidence and performance.

Long term: our independence enables us to take a long term perspective with interests aligned to our investees. This is key to our goal of creating a store of wealth and delivering a steady income for shareholders.