Corporate responsibility

Caledonia Investments is renowned for being a company that businesses want to deal with and people want to work for.

In the marketplace

As an investment company, we are committed to a long term investment strategy and to maintaining effective relationships with those companies in which we invest. We generally hold a board seat in our significant investments, maintaining a close relationship with these managements. We also hold frequent meetings with managements and review internal documents, such as management accounts and reports.

We make considered use of our voting rights. Due to our involved investment style, we would expect to vote in line with management recommendations but will abstain or vote against recommendations if they are not in the interests of our shareholders.

We meet with institutional and individual shareholders, listening to any concerns they may have.

In the workplace

We have policies in place which are given to staff as a handbook when they join, and again whenever updated.

Our polices protect employees from unlawful discrimination, provide a working environment where they have a right to be treated fairly, with consideration and respect, and support high standards of conduct and performance. They also help us meet applicable health and safety standards and treat disabled employees in accordance with statutory obligations.

A grievance procedure enables employees to raise concerns formally or informally. We also have formal whistleblowing arrangements in place, so that staff can raise any concerns about possible business impropriety, confidentially and independently of line management.

We have a formal performance appraisal process each year, setting objectives and assessing achievements. This provides employees with a clear view of their performance and the ability to develop their potential through additional training where necessary. Team meetings and company-wide briefings give staff further opportunities to be closely involved in our success.